Saturday, 24 April 2021

Finally upgraded my Xbox Elite Series 1 controller

Ok so let's start with; the Elite 1 is a fantastic controller that has served me for five years without fail. But now I finally got my Elite 2; it was eight months out of stock worldwide. After updates and profile setup... and a few play sessions.     

I can say the the triggers are very detailed and easy to manage/dial-in the right amount of pressure; that is useful/needed for most driving games.
On Snow Runner with the left thumbstick set to the max (I got a nostalgic original xbox controller feeling)... the wheel steering works (almost) perfectly now (no more oversteering)... same with the gas/L-R triggers - I have more accurate control now.
The Elite 1 is amazing but the Elite 2 is a fine tuned, more responsive and enhanced version of the Elite 1. Additionally somehow it feels much better in my hands. 

For me the adjustable-tension of the thumbsticks is a feature I wanted to have for a long time! Now I never want to go back to not having it.

The new level of control in the triggers is a welcome bonus and the three (travel length / responsiveness) settings are now almost essential; short for shooters / long for driving.  

All other features of the Elite 2 are very my on par with Elite 1.. but I will say that shorter paddles make a difference. Now I can use all four instead of only two and also not press them by accident as much.         

Ok so yes Elite 1 is still a fantastic controller. Elite 2 really is a fine tuned version of the Elite 1 and for me is a no brainer upgrade (if you can get one).

If you looking for a more in-depth description of the Elite 2 features:  

Friday, 16 April 2021

My Espresso Coffee Skills

Got into quality coffee making a few years ago. It has been an fun and interesting journey. Started with a nice little De'Longhi Icona Pump Espresso machine. Made some good coffees for 3 years or so. But it was never amazing. 

Then I replaced my spice (coffee) grinder with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro and that was probably the biggest game changer. I had flavor consistency, no more hoping for a good cup, it was good every time. Grinding and grinders can be complicated but there are a few nice guides out there; just search there are thousands of videos, guides, articles and books on the subject, they all say basically the same things... just find one that resonates with you or talks about the grider you have or thinking of getting. One thing I will say that having a professional/quality grinder is essential. Same goes for the beans, but beans are personal and have to be selected to (your) taste. I use and recommend coffeesnobs, I say they roste some of the best beans in Australia if not the world. 

Ok so, frothing milk is not easy and time consuming... I wanted to up my milk skills, so I got a milk frother and that worked ok... I got somewhat close to making a cup of coffee as good as the best in Melbourne. I know that is a big claim, but I did say; somewhat close.

Ok so two year ago I found out the there is this a new coffee machine that steams the milk automatically by using a temperature sensor and frother/steam setting. Best of all it had a introduction price of $350... ok I became a proud owner of a Breville Bambino and this is where I am now. I am considering upgrades but I consistently make a perfect cup of coffee that rivals or even surpases Melbournes best. Not much room for improvement with perfect.  

So with all that (necessary) information out if the way. I just want to share a few ways I have recently improved my coffee making skills. Well I thought that the taste of the coffee I made was very good, and it was. But now I know there are many easy and inexpensive ways to take the coffee taste and texture to much higher levels. 

I started by using a pressurised basket and the coffee was quite good but no comparison to the flavor and crema that comes from the single wall non pressurised basket. Ooo and yes the bottomless portafilter (handel/holder) makes a huge difference. Additionally I also use a small fork to declining / distribute the coffee properly (just fluff it up), yes it makes a difference.  
I must thank Hoon's Coffee for making all this easy to understand

Further more after using many different tampers I now recommend a Palm Temper (tamper / distributor combo).

Ok that is it, I wish I would have come across a similar to the point (simple) explanation to great coffee making. I am going to make my second coffee of the day now... 

Oooo and happy experimenting / dialing in the perfect cup... it maybe a lifelong process that changes with every new bag of beans...

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Being An Artist Is Lonely - Dr. Ken Atchity

So wonderfully insightful about creativity and creative people in general. Well worth watching.

Friday, 12 February 2021

The Jewels of Life

A lot has changed for me and the world in the last year (2020). So a new title, as the old one was a mouthful and a proper update was in order. Essentially this post is information that I found consequential if not vital to a clearer understanding of existence. I used to email this information, now I just point to the latest version of this post.

Most if not all of the books/authors mentioned are available in audio form. To great benefit some of the Seth books have been specially formatted for audio and are now infinitely easier to grasp. I recommend searching for the audiobook first as most of the time they can be easier to digest. Of course nothing will replace real books, but I have a nice collection of digital books, and they are a lot easier to search through, when looking for something specific...

Philosophy and Self Understanding

For me Alan Watts was the first and probably the best to shine some intellectual understanding on (my) western existence. Alan has set me on this amazing path of self discovery and I am forever grateful. After a few good years of Alan, Seth was possibly one of the first beings that actually (correctly) unbiasedly explains: life, death, the soul, consciousness and many other things. I strongly believe the Seth books are essential reading.
After rereading Seth and finally moving past the victim mindset that has plagued me for many years. The universe (my partner Cima) reintroduced me to regular meditation practices. It took me some time to work up to meditating daily, but it makes such a beneficial difference. Now without a doubt I can say the rewards of meditation and clear energy centers, dwarf all other experiences.      

Ok, so enough about me, for someone who is seeking deeper understanding of our earthly existence; what we doing and why. Basically anyone who is trying to understand life on a more personal level; Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz is a good if not the best place to start. Find out about the reasons for being born...  

If the universe, it's creations and in depth explanation of the functionality of our and God's presence within it all, is what you are looking for, you are in luck as Guy Steven Needler has covered all this and tons more in The History of God.

If you seek to understand the behavior and reasoning of people including yourself. I think there is only one book that I know that makes it quite clear. Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins. This book quantifies human behavior using various numeric and energetic tables. The book also helps to lay a (personal) path to more consciousness.           

As important as understanding (human) behaviors is, understanding the principles of (our) reality may be more fundamental. Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland is a book or collection of books that lay extensive groundwork for understanding and using reality and all the energy associated within it.             

I just like to say that this information came to me when I was ready for it. Some via friends, other via blog or articles like this one. So it maybe that only some parts resonate with where you are in your life at this time. There are infinite number of paths to your destination.    
The list below is in a rough influence or impact on my life order. In many ways Guy Steven Needler should have the top spot, but he is a relatively new addition and I am still exploring the body of his work. 


Unlikely that Seth has been the only hyper intelligence that has visited earth. Still I think that Seth's words/wisdom has already influenced humanity. Very powerful and illuminating, if not life changing!

I suggest to actually get the Seth books...

Seth Speaks - The Eternal Validity Of The Soul (my favorite):

the new versions of the audiobooks are exceptional

Alan Watts

Alan played and still plays a important part in my life. I think Alan is easier to relate to and understand in recordings of his live talks and presentations than in his writings.

Lectures playlist:

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Drunvalo has written books and made videos about the earth's consciousness grids and their evolution/degradation. He has written about living in the heart and how to take meditation to higher levels. I suggest to watch the Birth of a New Humanity video first, I think it is wonderful and amazing - Drunvalo has done extraordinary services for humanity, earth and the universe.

Birth of a New Humanity:

David R. Hawkins

Dr. David R. Hawkins has written many books about consciousness but I suggest starting with his last book Letting Go. It is not exactly easy reading, but the information and realisations within can be profound. Well worth reading and (numerous) rereading. Do yourself a favor and profit from the understanding of why humans do the crazy shit we do. Moreover learn how to guide yourself into a peaceful and prosperous existence. 

All the books and a lot of information is available at Veritas Publishing

This is a good video introduction to Dr. David R Hawkins

A comprehensive review of Letting Go

Vadim Zeland

Transurfing of reality is collection of books that one by one form a unified concept of our reality. I will not attempt to explain. One thing I will say; it is not one of the many You Are The Smith of Your Reality books. But there is a wonderful article that I consider essential reading before reading the actual books. I do recommend reading or listen to all the books they are eliminating and unique.     

This is the link to the article within is all the informations you need.


Honesty there are no words and should (can) never be a description or more to the point understanding of non-duality. For me non-duality is a sense of clarity without words, a short (1-2sec) thought-less realization  that there is no ‘separate self’ or ‘separate’ anything - everything is part of a oneness. Simply ‘all there is’, is an infinite eternal unknowable no-thing that is also everything. I consider that non-duality or radical-non-duality was a trigger to my deeper awakening. But as said, writing, talking or thinking about (radical) non-duality can be (is) pointless. But there is a wonderful "All There Is, Is Thispost by Dave Pollard, that I think is well worth reading. And always there are Tony Parson, Jim Newman and a few others radical nonduality personalities and they are 'apparently' all worth investigating.

There is No I and Nothing Ever Happens

Jim Newman - his videos are 'apparently' worth watching

Vienna • August 2019

Dolores Cannon

I think Dolores was the first person to take past life regression into a totally new area. But how the information comes is probably not so important. Dolores has written a lot of books, I highly recommend starting with The Custodians and then moving onto The Convoluted Universe 1. It is impossible to sum up theses two books; but most (not all) of it is essential information for our continued existence and humanities growth.

Dolores Cannon on Life After Death:

Guy Steven Needler

I find it hard to believe that this essential and important information is widely available - it's a miracle. The History of God is not a hard book to read or understand. But at this time it is not for everyone. It should be for everyone as it truly explains the structure, creation and functionality of our and all other universes, dimensions and realms of existence.

History of God - The More Show Interview

Ozark Mountain Publishing book launch presentation

Robert Schwartz

Robert has written books about souls planing before birth. I believe it is essential reading for anyone seeking understanding of life on earth.
In the interview video link, Robert explains a lot, it is probably a good place to start. I will say that Robert's books are not exactly easy reading or well structured and unfortunately exclusively focus on horrific and negative aspect of life. So, be warned this can be a somewhat dark read, as the author mainly focuses on sad if not horrific events. If you squint (a lot), you can see positivity. I just feel happy life events could have been also investigated. But all that aside the books do illuminate the subject of a person's and their soul deeper purpose on earth.
Discover Your Soul's Plan Interview:

Ken Wilber

A philosopher and mystic who attempted (multiple times) to combine all fields of study into a singular framework of understanding. There are so many aspects to Ken Wilbers work that just explaining them warrants a book in itself. The Rise And Fall of Ken Wilber article by the wonderful Mark Manson is a good point of reference.

This is the best quantification of enlightenment I have ever heard (thank you Ken):

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Joe scientifically explains a lot of important and interesting things. In comparison to the others in this list, Joe is a relatively new discovery. Joe is still very active and is actively investigating and helping to raise the human consciousness, understanding and vibration. It may be futile to sum up Dr. Joe Dispenza's work to; law of attraction science, but essentially in a large part, that is what it is.

I think this is a good interview that shows what Dr. Joe Dispenza is all about

Terence McKenna

Terence was a futurist and explained a lot of important and interesting things. Thanks to my friend Nuwan for pointing out Psychedelic Salon to me, where many of Terence's talks and presentations can streamed or downloaded: have always enjoyed Terence's humor, he holds a special place in my mind and heart.

Wayne Dyer

A self-development celebrity, but still Wishes Fulfilled is a wonderful personal account of a spiritual journey of self development, that we can learn from and connected with. It is a perfect getaway for anyone who only wants a small sample of the greater understanding. 


I started meditation when I was about 20, also did yoga and then life got busy and somehow I abandoned meditation. Not totally, as I still meditated from time to time. Only now I realize how close I was then to experiencing (true) meditation.
Not sure why, but probably for simplification, we tend to call 'meditation' the act of being still or preparing (breathing...) for the actual meditation. For meditation is a state of mind not an act; doing something/anything is not meditating... Maybe one day I will write about meditation, but this here is more a hint into a few directions. Needless to say there are and have been for thousands of years wonderful meditation guides...

Hemi Sync possibly the easiest and quickest way to get into deep meditation states. I do not know of a quicker way to (trully) meditate. As Hemi Sync has been around for a long time, there is an avalanche of resources. I suggest to start with the Gateway Experience - Wave 1.
I recommend watching the 
little documentary explaining the technology and principles behind Hemi Sync.
Robert A. Monroe (Hemi Sync inventor) on Exploring Expanded Consciousness:      

Another thing I like to suggest is that Chakra/Energy Balancing is important if not necessary for (all) meditational practices. Again there is an avalanche of resources. I personally suggest to start with guided meditation. I listen to Clearing Chakras to Awaken or Sleep by the wonderful Fred Haas almost every morning. It can be downloaded from: (scroll down). As I listen to it only in the morning, I edited a shorter (better) awake only version (happy to share, if you interested).               

Health and Diet

Possibly the healthiest thing we can do is to meditate, go on a
Low-Carb Diet and stop eating from time to time; fasting is extremely beneficial. The 16:8 fasting is quite easy - 16 hours of not eating 8 of eating (2 meals). The keto lifestyle is not for everyone, but my brain/body has been running on ketones for quite some time now. Ketones bring a clarity of mind that is unparalleled to anything I have experienced. If you do anything on this list please let it be to adopt your body to ketosis. There are many books on Ketosis and they are some good once. Please do your own research or contact me. As with many things there is many ways to climb that mountain.   
Here are a few links to information that I find beneficial, if not life saving.

This is a good place to start: Dr. Stephen Phinney - 'The Case For Nutritional Ketosis'

Dr. Eric Berg DC on intermittent fasting 

wonderful website and resource of no BS information
They also have a good yt channel:

Don Tolman

Don is amazing but he gets some things wrong, but still worthwhile. If interested I suggest to get his books and maybe some of the products. I strongly suggest to never go to any of his or related live (salesfest) presentations/seminars!