Saturday, 24 April 2021

Finally upgraded my Xbox Elite Series 1 controller

Ok so let's start with; the Elite 1 is a fantastic controller that has served me for five years without fail. But now I finally got my Elite 2; it was eight months out of stock worldwide. After updates and profile setup... and a few play sessions.     

I can say the the triggers are very detailed and easy to manage/dial-in the right amount of pressure; that is useful/needed for most driving games.
On Snow Runner with the left thumbstick set to the max (I got a nostalgic original xbox controller feeling)... the wheel steering works (almost) perfectly now (no more oversteering)... same with the gas/L-R triggers - I have more accurate control now.
The Elite 1 is amazing but the Elite 2 is a fine tuned, more responsive and enhanced version of the Elite 1. Additionally somehow it feels much better in my hands. 

For me the adjustable-tension of the thumbsticks is a feature I wanted to have for a long time! Now I never want to go back to not having it.

The new level of control in the triggers is a welcome bonus and the three (travel length / responsiveness) settings are now almost essential; short for shooters / long for driving.  

All other features of the Elite 2 are very my on par with Elite 1.. but I will say that shorter paddles make a difference. Now I can use all four instead of only two and also not press them by accident as much.         

Ok so yes Elite 1 is still a fantastic controller. Elite 2 really is a fine tuned version of the Elite 1 and for me is a no brainer upgrade (if you can get one).

If you looking for a more in-depth description of the Elite 2 features:  

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