Sunday, 16 July 2023

Decoding The Life Changing Secrets of The Rosicrucians w/ Dr. Robert Gil...

Possibly the best, if not the most insightful, two and a half hours of my life (to date anyway)… Finally, reincarnation makes (more) sense. Spirituality and the 'light' and (letting go) practices and mindset associated with it… This video/podcast is a must-hear if you want to understand many (deeper) aspects of existence and the role spirituality plays within time/reality/history.

Saturday, 15 July 2023

Memento Limited Edition 2-Disc DVD Menu Walkthrough...

Memento DVD had a puzzles menu system...  I always enjoyed this kinds of stuff... if the superior HD DVD would have become the main format instead of the (inferior) Blu Ray... disc menus would have been fully interactive one could even code a (mini) game, really anything... Sony is really a shit, shit company... I can see/imagine a future without sony... and it's a lot nicer - with support for Open Source formats and humain and earth centered business practices. 

Thursday, 13 July 2023

Gabryel Harrison Interview

Came across this interview with Gabryel Harrison. I really enjoy her work...

Tuesday, 4 July 2023

To Atmos or Not to Atmos... There is no question.

Good read, but John and the others miss the huge “experience” aspect, and I wish they took that into their equations. Because as is, their points are all about the format and the technicalities/BS that it brings with it… I 100% agree with everything in that article and the videos and could add a few other Atmos-related pains/shortcomings… Dolby Corp being the main one… If experience was in that equation and the new and never-before-felt aspects of listening to music were put next to all these (negative/difficult) aspects, they would fade into non-existence… And yes, there are shit Atmos mixes out there, but when done right, fuck me, it elevates the music into a unique experience.

Monday, 3 July 2023

John Ruddick MLC - Inaugural Speech - NSW Parliament

Most honesty if not the most important speech ever to be presented in the AU Parliament.

Monday, 29 May 2023

Abstract Artists In Their Own Words

Abstract Artists In Their Own Words - very interesting and worthwhile BBC doco...