Thursday, 22 November 2007

Forza 2 GUI (Grand Unthoughtful Idiosity)

I remember the original forza, how much I liked playing it and I also remember what drove me up the wall about it: the unintuitive user interface, there is not much point in getting stuck into it now, because we have a somewhat better but still unintuitive menu system in forza2. Just to get it out of the way forza2 is without doubts the one of best driving simulator I have played, extra so with the superbly tunable wheel controller.
But still the confusion of the menu system is so frustrating that it makes the question what the UI designer at turn10 is smoking or not smoking? Again no direct access to my cars (the garage) why? there are at least 16 buttons on the xbox 360 controller ... this like the dark ages of GUI. Race limitation (horsepower, speed, manufactures,..) are clear on the race/event page …stay with me… but changing or upgrading a car is four back clicks and two left nudges, then it is unclear what needs to be changed (upgraded/downgraded) to be able to race in the particular event. We do have this nice (home) button but that will not take me to my cars, why, why… I could literally write pages about how unthoughtful the UI in forza2 is. And at the end of all that I will still have to recommend forza2, it is a fantastic race simulator with no equal.