Saturday, 7 July 2018

Self Understanding, Philosophy, Consciousness and Health (update)

Here are links and basic information that I think points to some consequential if not vital things. I normally email this to friends that are interested. Decided to make a blog post, now I just point friends to this post. I update and repost this list about once a year. 

Philosophy and Self Understanding

For me Alan Watts is possibly one of the best to shine some intellectual understanding on (our) western existence, our egos and our roles within society... Alan has set me on this amazing path of self discovery and I am forever grateful. Seth is possibly one of the first entities that actually (correctly) unbiasedly explains: life, death, the soul, consciousness and many other things. I strongly believe all Seth books are essential reading for anyone. Extra so for someone who is seeking answers or deeper understanding of the universe and our existence within it. And for anyone who is trying to understand life on a more personal level; Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz is a good if not the best place to start. Just be warned it can be a somewhat dark book, as the author mainly focuses or researches sad if not horrific events of a person's life. It can still be seen as a positive book, I just feel positive life events could have been also investigated.

Unlikely that Seth has been the only hyper intelligence that has visited earth. Still I think that Seth's words/wisdom has already influenced humanity. Very powerful and illuminating, if not life changing!
- this may be the best place to start...
- I suggest to actually get the Seth books...
- Seth Speaks - The Eternal Validity Of The Soul is my favorite:       
Alan played and still plays a very important part in my life. I think Alan is (much) better in recordings of his live talks and presentations than in his writings.
- lectures playlist:
- Work As Play Pt 1/3
- A Conversation With Myself

Drunvalo Melchizedek
Drunvalo has written books and made videos about the consciousness grid and its evolution. He has written about living in the heart and how to take meditation to higher levels. I suggest to watch this video first, I think it is wonderful and amazing.
- Drunvalo has done extraordinary services for humanity and planet earth.  
Robert Schwartz
Robert has written books about souls planing before birth. I believe it is essential reading for anyone seeking understanding of life on earth. 
In the interview video link, Robert explains a lot, it is probably a good place to start. I will say that Robert's books are not exactly easy reading or well structured and unfortunately focus on horrific and negative aspect of life too much or actually only. But all that aside the books do illuminate the subject of a person's and their soul deeper purpose on this planet.

Dr. Joe Dispenza
Joe scientifically explains a lot of important and interesting things. In comparison the the others in this list, Joe is a relatively new discovery. Joe is still very active and is actively searching and helping to raise the human consciousness and understanding.     
- I think this is a good interview that shows what Dr. Joe Dispenza is all about

Terence McKenna
Terence was a futurist and explained a lot of important and interesting things. I do not have many recordings of Terence talks and presentations anymore, so if you come across any let me know as I like to have them again.

The Urantia Book
An interesting but maybe not essential information. Still possibly an accurate descriptions of earth/humanity and its place and functionality in the universe.
Possibly the healthiest thing we can do is to eat one Pawpaw or Papaya (same thing) a week or stop eating three meals a day, fasting is also very beneficial from time to time. But it can be more complicated than that. Here are a few links to information that I find beneficial, if not life saving.

Dr. Terry Wahls
Interesting and important researcher and pioneer of functional medicine.
Her presentation is probably the best place to start

Dr. Steven Gundry
Has an astonishing understanding of diet and I can not recommend his book The Plant Paradox enough. I use two of his supplements (Vital Reds and Primal Plants) and diet suggestions regularly.
I think the intro to his book is a good place to start

Don Tolman
Don is amazing but he gets some things wrong, but still very worthwhile. If interested I suggest to get his books and maybe some of the products. I strongly suggest to never go to any of his or related live presentations/seminars!

Health Maven
Paul Fassa's blog well worth reading and regular visits.