Saturday, 9 January 2010

3D is coming

Shooting in 3D has traditionally required a complex, bulky and fragile rig using two cameras and additional hardware to calibrate and adjust them. Panasonic's straight-forwardly-named Twin-lens Full HD 3D camcorder looks to radically change the 3D game, with integrated lenses and dual memory card slots allowing you to capture 3D footage immediately, with just one device.
The camcorder records onto inexpensive SDHC/SD memory cards, thankfully abandoning the P2 system used for its concept 3D camera, and the outrageously expensive P2 memory cards along with it.

While it's far cheaper than building your own 3D rig, the SRP of US$21,000 means we're not likely to see the next breakout indie film in 3D, but given the drop in price (and jump in video capabilities) between Canon's 5D Mark II and subsequent 7D, who knows what'll happen over the next couple of years.

The Twin-lens Full HD 3D camcorder will be available in Q4 2010, and Panasonic plans to release a 3D Full HD LCD monitor for use in the field, and a digital mixer for live 3D broadcasting shortly after.