Saturday, 28 April 2012

Looking for a creative-writing app

I have been looking at writing apps. I mainly need an app to keep track of ideas, characters and settings that have not been put into a story yet. Sometime it is up to six months before I return to a story and find it quite hard (impossible) to get moving again. I am hoping that with a good overview of ideas and nicely organised/categorised notes things will move a lot smother.
Possibly you have your own preferences, I like to hear about them.      

here are my findings... mind you I have been only looking for a few days...  

WriteItNow 4 (looks good) (awards)
Interesting Amazon reviews

Storybook has shit load of features... (regular updates) 

Scrivener is not the best feature wise, but has an ios (ipad) version in development and that would be something I would like (need) to have.

Dramatica and Final Draft (I used them a long time ago) are so old that I do not think there is any point... dead dinosaurs?'s a top ten list (I don't trust it)... still better then just goggling