Monday, 2 March 2020

nbn offering not good enough?

So much talk about Australian nbn, working, not working, not being good enough, being too expensive. Seriously let's just get nbn installed where it is meant to be installed like East Melbourne and many other locations. Once that is done and tweaked to perfection (2022 or os). Then we expend, rebuild or do whatever on that existing infrastructure.

I realise that this is a somewhat ignorant statement; as there have been many ireversibel (hardware/software) paths taken. Still, I think comparing the AU internet situation to other countries is pointless. France had public internet since the 1990s and many countries still do not have any or are only just starting to get some kind of internet infrastructure.

The IA article below is still worth reading, as it points out the political BS that is involved and shines some light onto relevant issues.             ,13647 have a more realistic view point/solution

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