Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Finally got the Criterion channel

I finally got the Criterion channel setup and working on my tv (65" OLED). I am quite excited, feeling like a kid in a candy store. I will say that it is not the easiest to get working in Australia. But I managed to get it going via the iOS (US app store) and that is steaming to the Nvidia Shield, there is also a VPN involved, but anyway it is all running now. I think it may be a little simpler if using apple TV, but I wasn't going to get that old thing out of the cupboard, besides I like to use the ipad app as an interface.

What is there to say, if you like movies as much as I, the Criterion Collection was/is always the cream of the crop. But browsing the selection there is so much more than expected. Like the focus of woman filmmakers - all films Directed by Jane Campion in one place (Yes) or the 5hr version of Until the End of the World (Yes) or Staring Danny Kaye Collection. I have endless praises for the service and cannot recommend enough.

This is a nice little video hinting on the history, film selection and also some of the current limitation of the Criterion channel service and app.

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